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These planets must be connected to the 5 th and 10 th houses.

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Mars must be in strong position in the charts of Surgeon. It must be in own sign or in its exalted sign. Mars is the planet of courage and surgery, cases needs it. Ketu plays an important role in the field of Medical Astrology. Ketu, to a major extent influences pharmaceutical industry.

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It suggests the ways and methods used in the operation. Other planets also should be in strong position in the chart and must be connected to eacth other through aspect, rashi, conjuction or nakshatra. Sun and Mars in 10th, the native will be a good surgeon. So to be a successful doctor Jupiter, mars, sun, moon and ketu must be in strong position in the chart and must be connected with the 5 th , 6 th , 8, 10 th houses to be a successful doctor. These points must also be seen in d9 and d10 chart also.

In short there must be direct relation between 1 st 5 th 6 th , 10 th , 11 th houses Jupiter must have connection with them along with afflicted moon. Venus connection with the planets like Sun, Jupiter, Ketu and 10 th house can produce successful gynaecologist. Sun, Saturn connection with the 10 th house can make the native dentist. Jupiter and Ketu connection with the 10 th house can produce homeopathy doctor.

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Jupiter, Mars, Ketu connection with 6 th or 10 th house can produce surgeon. When strong Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu make relation with 10th, 2nd, or 7th, the native becomes a successful doctor. Well connected 5 th and 6 th houses with each other gives good intelligence for diagnosis of diseases. Sun and Moon or Jupiter and Mars in Kendra houses also make the native doctor. Significance of sign of 10th house for specialized doctor's profession.

Example Chart 1. Sun is placed in Jupiter sign in lagna.

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Thus there is a direct relation between the lords of 1st, 6nd, 5th and 10 th , 12th houses. In the d9 chart 10 th lord is venus with 6 th lord Saturn in 5 th house. Not a reason, just simply "I wasn't happy".

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