Iphone dock spy cam

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Complete Description. New Products. This feature saves massive amount of space on your SD card, which also means only the important situations get recorded, saving time sifting through video.

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Set up the email configurations in the app and get an alert via email messages when motion is sensed and recording has started. Unlike a lot of spy cameras, the Charging Dock Camera does not have a pinhole where the camera lens is located. The lens is hidden behind the tinted front plastic. Add to Cart Quick view.

WiFi Wireless Charging Docking Station Spy Camera

A smartwatch style video camera that can record video in any situation! Just push the button and Customers Also Viewed. On Sale. This is the newest in live view Security technology.


4 in 1 Covert Ipod / Iphone Dock Remote View Hidden Camera System

In addition to the night vision feature the built This is the newest in live view Security camera technology. This clock offers p2p live streaming audio and video to your Mobile phone, Tablet or PC.

In addition the built in SD card recorder With the high Hidden spy camera disguised as a fully functional portable power pack with built-in hidden camera with built-in DVR that records video to a Micro SD card. Plus this model is also a WiFi IP